Processing & Butchering

Strathbogie Goat is focused on the highest standards of hygiene in the preparation of our product.  This commences on farm, the day the animal is born by:

  • Minimum use of chemical treatments during their lifetime, by monitoring health via non-invasive testing (Faecal Egg Counts (FEC)) and other assessment methods. This makes sure we only use safe animal husbandry applications when needed and not on a routine basis.
  • Our animals are transported comfortably and cleanly to arrive in the best possible condition.

Carcass handling is paramount in producing a quality product.

  • Our meat is delivered direct to our local Prime Safe accredited butcher.
  • Processing is undertaken by skilled and experienced staff
  • All product is cryovac packaged in a local Prime Safe accredited premise

Product storage – the quality maintenance and shelf life

  • Strathbogie Goat has invested in a Commercial freezer for the storage of product.
  • Product is normally frozen the day it is packaged.
  • A commercial freezer works very differently to a domestic freezer.  Product is frozen to -19 degrees Celsius within 90 minutes.
  • This is enough time to obtain micro-crystallization, keeping all the qualities of the food whole. After defrosting, there will be minimal loss of liquid, firmness or flavour.