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2-7-2020 News Fresh from the Farm

2020 has seen an eventful start to the year with welcome rains and then unwelcome COVID19.
To date we have had more rain than what we had for the entire year of 2019.

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Taurus Fine Meats

Strathbogie Goat is now available for purchase at Taurus Fine Meats and Smokehouse at 62 Station St, Seymour VIC 3660.  You can give their friendly staff a call on  (03) 5799 1909 to see what they have ready for you to collect!

This weeks new product is spiced goat cutlets.  They have a unique blend of spices in the crumb.  Simple to cook and so delicious you will be going back for more!

Crumbed Lamb.

Strathbogie Goat is running a social media campaign to tell our story and support our customers to head out of COVID19 strongly.  Thanks to the MLA Co-Marketing COVID 19 initiative. Check out our Facebook and Insta!

Joining of our Boer Goats at Boorandarra Farm is all done and dusted.  Pregnancy scanning of our does is the next step to determine our success rate and plan for the new arrivals.  The kids are due to arrive from the 27th of August.

Q: Can you visit the home of Strathbogie Goat aka Boorandarra Farm?

A: Open days are run on a regular basis to the farm.  There is a lot involved in having visitors to the farm to keep our visitors and farm safe.  Follow o ur Social media and Goat Gossip to see when these will be on.

Q: How many growers are supplying Strathbogie Goat?

A: We are coming up to the first anniversary since the commencement of Strathbogie Goat.  There are four regular suppliers to Strathbogie Goat, which is just fantastic.


You can find Strathbogie Goat on the menu at:

Palling Bros. Brewery Heathcote,

Harvest Home Avenel