Establishing Goat Supply

Strathbogie Goat is bringing a unique product to the region that is ideally suited to the production of Boer Goat. Strathbogie Goat is based at Boorandarra Farm, the name is selected to highlight the suitability of our region for Boer Goat production.

The Strathbogie region is ideal for producing Boer goats with minimum inputs.  Boorandarra Farm is a registered Boer Goat Breeder, this is the inspiration for Strathbogie Goat started.  Having little market for quality meat animals through traditional red meat production channels, the beginning of selling the meat ourselves was born.

Strathbogie Goat

  • Is situated an hour from Melbourne, this places our farms under constant pressure to subdivide.
  • Offers a viable option for small land holders to contribute to the supply of Boer goats for artisanal processing. This is done through mentoring, forward contracts and offering a market for small lots of goats.
  • Is onboarding small producers to allow a greater consistency in the supply of goat throughout the year.